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3: Motorcycle circuit; the road of hydroelectric power stations

Activities to be discovered

  • Accessible by motorcycle

The road of La Croche leading to the power station

Observe the road of La Croche


Distance of 85 km (to go only)

(No gas station, fill up your car in La Tuque before)


Admire the road of La Croche and ride along the meandering river characterised for its special features, it is a pleasure to record every image of nature which transforms into swamps, fields, forest and even into dreams. Ride until the hydroelectric power station of Rapide-Blanc and cross the dam de la Tranche, it is to live an unforgettable moment at the heart of the Saint-Maurice River.

Start from the parc des Chutes-de-la-Petite-Rivière-Bostonnais, situated at the South entry of the town of La Tuque. It is the greatest destination fior anyone who wishes to visit the region because it regroupes a wide branch of varried activities. The place has been constructed in order to be accessible for large groups or families to be under a sheltered terrrace for a picnic or méchoui. Note that wifi is free and the place is treated against insects.

Remain on Commerciale street.  At the red lights, turn right. On Saint-Joseph street, go always in a straight line until the junction with Bostonnais street.  Turn right. Then follow the indications to"La Croche".

After 18 km, you will be amazed by the quality and diversity of the landscapes. 

Follow the indications "centrale La Trenche" and "centrale Rapide-Blanc", left heading West shore.

Pursuit your way in a straight line without turning, you cannot be mistaken there is only one asphalted road.

A few meters away is the reception desk de la zec La Croche. If you stay on the asphalted road, you will not be obliged to sign in when you arrive on the zec. However if you do not sign in, you will not be able to circulate on any secondary roades. 

After kilometer 26, you will arrive at the power stations of la Trenche. You will be astonished  by the parnoramic view of the Saint-Maurice river and also of the Trenche River. Big parking space on the dam; the river is situated 48 m lower.  

After going through the dam of the Trenche, follow the indications to the "centrale Rapide-Blanc", still on the asphalted road.

After 26 km of being in complete wildlife, you will come across the dam of Rapid-Blanc. Cross the overlooking bridge of the fiery Saint-Maurice river, to have a breathtaking view on the hydroelectric installations.

Continously following the asphalted road, this one will bring you to the old village of Rapide-Blanc. When arrived, you can see houses of the year 1930.

There are no gas stations or food services accessible and the asphalted road therefore, stop at Rapide-Blanc. Do a U-turn to go back to La Tuque. 

Our touristic team is there to plan your visit into our region, tell us what are your expectations and it will be a pleasure to suggest some ideas; 1 877 424-8476

La Haute-Mauricie offers many accommodations accessible by motorcycle; hotel, motel, lodge, inn, camping, cottage; as you may have seen, the choices are large. What will you choose?  

Coordonnées - 3: Motorcycle circuit; the road of hydroelectric power stations

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